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 Spouse/Support Person Questionnaire

Invitation to the Spouse/Support Person:

The purpose of this letter is to invite you to a meeting with your spouse or support person in order to discuss principles, resources and strategies to help career professionals achieve their goals and objectives in life. As the spouse or support person in this process you are an important part of any career decision.

To begin, we want you to know who we are. As a career management organization, we assist professionals who desire and need a career change. We are aware however, that professionals don't just come to us because they want better job. Rather, they want a better life and to be happy about themselves and what they are doing. They want to be successful.

A new career will support your spouse or support person in achieving greater job security and satisfaction, peace of mind, and career goals. Today, your spouse or support person and I discussed schedule of a second appointment.

Please consider this your personal invitation to attend this meeting. In order to prepare for the meeting, please visit our Website at and read the materials which were sent home with your spouse/support person. These materials will give you an overview of our methods and procedures.

We look forward to meeting you in order to answer any questions you may have. We will make every effort to assist you and your spouse or support person in making this life changing decision.

Best regards,

Rick Wolf
President & CEO

Please invest 15-20 minutes to complete the questions.

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How long has he/she been considering a career change or searching for a new position?
What has been his/her greatest obstacle or challenge in their career search?

What are his/her strong points?

What are his/her weaknesses?

What is your major concern about him/her conducting a career search?

What position do you see him/her achieving within three years?

What should his/her income range be?

What do you see as your role in this job hunt or career change?
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