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CareerStrategies, LLC offers organizations the ability to respond flexibly and specifically to the development needs of employees. SkillSoft technology-based courseware offers easy access to more than 4,000 courses that are based on user-friendly, sound learning design and accurate, helpful content. SkillSoft is accessible through the internet, making courseware available at the desktop, at home or while traveling. Help Desk support is available 24/7 while participants may access a course for one year.

With today's work demands and the increased capacity offered by technology, it can be easier to meet the individual learning needs of employees by making development opportunities available to them on-line as one alternative to the traditional method of classroom participation. This technology increases individual control over learning pace and entry point for study. It is recognized that technology-based learning is not for everyone and cannot replace the classroom for some development. However, it is the preferred primary strategy for an increasing number of people. It can also be used for often neglected follow-up or enhancement of learning after classroom participation.

Online learning offered by CareerStrategies, LLC through SkillSoft addresses the following issues related to training and development:

  • Employees are often prohibited from participating in development that would benefit them in their current responsibilities or prepare them for future work. Some are not able to be out of the office for development. There are times that employees enroll in a course and have to cancel due to re-prioritization of work.
  • Some employees prefer the use of technology as a learning methodology as opposed to a classroom setting while others like to use both technology and classroom methodologies.
  • The following interfere with adult learning; lack of control over learning pace, entry point, timing and methodology. People learn at different paces. Classroom settings often fail to address the following: student's varied needs based on previous learning experience, current needs, time given to process the information individually, using time away from work responsibilities to really engage in the learning process and time of day the individual learns best. Learning that is technology based allows flexibility and addresses these areas of interference.
  • When employees do participate in development opportunities, there is little follow-up or easily accessible resource materials to encourage follow-up practice and retention of learning.
  • There is little quality control or consistency in development opportunities, even when employees participate in the same course offered at different times with different facilitators.
  • Employees who are new to the organization or new to a software application need just-in-time, easily accessible learning opportunities.
  • Employees increasingly request shorter periods of training time.
  • Many trainings or seminars incur costs to individuals from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.
  • There is currently no means of tracking quality or consistency of content and delivery. There is little, if any, follow-up to any of this development. (A web-based product can give such monitoring capabilities.)

CareerStrategies, LLC offers the world's largest online learning program to organizations and individuals as a minimal cost based on the number of courses and employees in the organization.