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CareerStrategies, LLC specializes exclusively in the search and acquisition of mid to senior level professionals for the finest companies across the country. Your answers to the following questions will help us ensure that your career search is both positive and productive. Please invest 15-20 minutes to complete the questions.

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What is motivating you to conduct a career search?
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Describe in detail what you would be doing in your ideal position, such as your role in the organization, who you would report to, the CORPORATE CULTURE you prefer, what types of projects you would be working on, etc. The more detail you provide the better for us to understand your career aspirations.
What do you consider to be your significant professional and/or personal accomplishments? What professional CHALLENGES have YOU overcome? Specifically, what did you do to MAKE MONEY, SAVE MONEY, or CHANGE a PROCESS to impact the BOTTOM LINE?
Are you willing to relocate? If yes, what area? How far and often are you willing to travel?
What are your compensation expectations?
What are your thoughts concerning your susceptibilities to a counteroffer from your current employer? Have you ever been given a counteroffer? Did you accept it or turn it down? Why?
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