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“How to be your own Headhunter”

Ignite the performance and results of your career search by working outside of the traditional methods of identifying, pursuing and securing a new career opportunity.

Our methodology is comprehensive and is much more than teaching you about the basics of networking, interviewing and resume development. If you are tired of recruiters, resumes, job boards and antiquated methods, then we can help.

The 7 New Rules of a Successful Job Search

  1. Do not be concerned about applying for “job openings.” Rather create opportunities by solving problems.
  2. Strategy equates to a shorter search.
  3. Resumes are for “job” not “opportunity” seekers and can do more Harm than Good if not properly used.
  4. Separate yourself from the “Cattle Call” of potential candidates.
  5. The best-prepared candidates often beat the best-qualified candidates.
  6. Accomplishments are “Results”; the prospective employer is interested in the “How.”
  7. Research is more than a prospective employer's stock price and product information.

As golf phenomenon Tiger Woods states,
"Professionals hire a coach to increase their
chances of winning; amateurs don't.”