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We are dedicated to providing quality individualized service and guidance to executives and professionals and to empowering them to achieve current and future career objectives. "Just as the professional athlete benefits from an ongoing relationship with a coach or agent, the same holds true for today's business professional." As St. Louis's only accredited career counseling firm, we look forward to the opportunity to become a partner in your career development.

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What do you really want to accomplish in your career? (more $$, culture, advancement, personal growth, industry change, entrepreneurial opportunities)

What have been the greatest challenges in achieving a successful career transition/search? What are your frustrations? (Time, focus, direction, lack of a network, not knowing where to start)
When you began your transition/search activities what were your initial expectations?
What are your expectations of CareerStrategies, LLC services?

Define professional objectives and establish a realistic career plan showing me how to achieve it.
ImportantHelpfulNot Needed
Find out what levels and types of responsibility I can handle
Show me how the skills I have can transfer to a new field
Help me find the best career position for my optimal success
Determine types of companies and environments that best fit me

Show me how to organize an “effective” marketing campaign for my career search.
ImportantHelpfulNot Needed
Develop effective resumes and cover letters
Develop my “Value Proposition"
Direct my efforts to make contact with the proper companies and contacts
Optimize the results of networking
Help me negotiate more successfully for new jobs and promotions
Show me how to maintain continued career development

Rank each of your personal career satisfiers as they pertain to your current or most recent position on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being your highest level of satisfaction.
Your Personal and Professional Growth (Does your current position offer you potential; is it clearly defined?)
Environmentally Compatible (Does your current position offer the physical, professional, and social setting necessary to encourage your best efforts?)
Geographical Location(Compatible with your lifestyle, personal and family preferences?)
Day-to-Day Job Satisfaction (Provides both challenge and anticipation of success and opportunity to generate enthusiasm for work?)
Compensation (Is it appropriate, competitive, and reflective of your personal contributions; does it support your personal lifestyle?)

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