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 Separating Employees with Top-Notch Transition Services

Whether you are an individual moving toward the next step in your career, or an organizational leader managing the intricacies of realignment and change, CareerStrategies, LLC provides you with a full range of customized, cost-effective career transition programs.

Through our prestigious co-ownership of CareerStrategies, LLC, we have 200 offices in over 35 countries around the world and can immediately deploy seasoned professionals across the globe to help your organization prepare, implement, and manage the impact of your restructuring. CareerStrategies, LLC is also the strategic outplacement partner for AAIM, one of the region's premier resources for HR consulting and training. CareerStrategies, LLC has partnered with AAIM for over 3 years and has provided career transition assistance to many of their more than 800 AAIM member firms in the region.

CareerStrategies, LLC will guide you through the complexities of restructuring to help you emerge stronger than before. We partner with you from the start to plan a restructuring, ensuring that the termination and reorganization process is done sensitively and legally. CareerStrategies, LLC counsels corporations on a host of important organizational issues related to reorganization and downsizing, including how to manage delicate or potentially volatile situations.

We offer a full range of individual career transition programs, with our Online Career Center, (OCC) as a centerpiece. The OCC is a web-based service that provides the tools for personal and financial assessment, resume building, interview preparation, and job offer evaluation. It enables a highly cost-effective strategy that enhances and balances Career Partners International - St. Louisís traditional emphasis on quality service to each individual client, while remaining mindful of your need to manage expenses responsibly.

CareerStrategies, LLC has been a positive force in the lives of many hundreds of professionals, helping them to negotiate successful career moves. We offer a range of options along a continuum from our cost-effective, internet-based solutions to highly individualized assistance for executives and professionals whose transitions involve taking new positions within organizations, starting businesses or consulting firms, or retirement. We have worked with employees at all levels, including CEOs, senior executives, managers, individual contributors, and support staff.

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