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CPI - St. Louis utilizes TTI Assessments to help people "Achieve Superior Performance."

  • Selection
    The foundation for hiring superior performers starts with our patented job benchmarking process, proven to give you the results you deserve.
  • Employee Retention
    Ever wondered why your superior performers leave? Most have been mismanaged, driving them out the door. Learn how to keep your employees motivated, engaged and working for YOU! Utilize our proven and effective solutions for retention.
  • Career Management/Development
    Our candidates in transition find that the feedback they receive from the in-depth assessments are a key reason for their success in landing a position that is a "good fit" for them. We have been a loyal TTI distributor for over 10 years and rely on the accuracy and reliability of the TTI assessments.
  • Leadership Development
    Once you have the top talent, maximize it! Our research-based program stresses 5 key competencies all leaders need to have and provides the foundation for development.
  • Performance Management
    Replace the old performance appraisal system with a personalized, job related performance management program that is proven effective.
  • Behavioral Intelligence&trade
    The key to success is understanding how to adapt personal behavior to the situation. Behavioral Intelligence will allow individuals to identify, understand and adapt to the right behavior to achieve success.
TTI Assessments